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Order process

Easy process

1. Select the specific order request.

2. Complete the survey.

3. Following your request and your location the right expert will contact in order to finalize the order process.

Note: you can also directly contact us if you have any special requests.

Targeted request

Order requests are divided in 6 categories. These surveys will allow you to receive tailor-made solutions in the best delays. In order to simplify the process subcategories are already included.

There are 6 categories of order requests:

1. Integrated solutions: fixed, temporary, outdoor solutions.

2. Vehicles: OB Van, flyaway, studio in a box.

3. Services: consulting formation, training.

4. New equipment: new cameras, new lights, new mics, others...

5. ARRI CPO: cameras, lenses, pro camera accessories.

6. Pre-owned equipment: used cameras, used lights, used miscellaneous.

Personalized & flexible

After submitting the order request or contacting us for a special request, the right expert will contact you depending on your need & location. It will allow to validate the solution we deliver and to finalized the order process.

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