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Shipping options

We are shipping all over Europe, Africa & Asia. The delivery time will be estimated depending on your location and product availability. We offer extra options such as immediate & express shipping, next day shipping, prime delivery for backorders... We can also propose self pickup from our warehouse depending on the products & location.

Where do we ship?

Nextgen is collaborating with the most reliable shipping companies in order to ensure the best delivery services. We have extensive experience delivering products & projects all over the world and especially in Africa. We are also collaborating  on projects in Europe and Asia on a constant basis. Feel free to contact us  for any inquiries.

We always find a solution...

Nextgen is shipping all over the world. We are use to deliver cameras & lights as well as system integration & OB Vans. Have a look at our portfolio and proceed to your order request to start your project.


* Europe, Asia, Australia, North & South America on request.

** These delays are estimations, we do our best to assist you and offer you the most convenient shipping services. Nextgen Media is not responsible of third parties & shipping companies extra delays.

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