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Product availability


Nextgen allows you to preorder new products released soon. These products can appear on the eCommerce with the mention preorder or available soon, however you can also contact us to preorder any products from our suppliers list (even if they don't appear on the eCommerce). This list is not exhaustive and some of our suppliers may not be mentioned.

Note: preordering a product may require a DBD (deposit to be discussed).

In stock

Nextgen provides a full range of broadcasting equipment. You can submit an order request, contact us for a special request or purchase directly on the eCommerce. Stock level is specified on the eCommerce. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to contact us for major orders if you want to make sure of the quantity available.

Out of stock

Products "Out of stock" follow the same rule than "Preorder" (see above). Contact us for any inquiries.

Note: ordering a product "out of stock" may require a DBD (deposit to be discussed).

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