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Office info

Local offices

Nextgen has partners in many countries all around the world, especially in Europe & Africa. Local partners & resellers will be able  to advice you following your specific needs thanks to their technical knowledge & local experience. Also depending on your location and the nature of your project you will be able to meet our team of experts in order to develop a strong & human relationship based on trust and confidence. Contact us and meet our local teams.

Specialized departments

Collaborating with Nextgen allows you to have the support of experts. Our team has extensive knowledge thanks to their years of experience. Never feel alone and lost again. Your are in good hands with Nextgen, our objective is to make your project moving forward and being successful. We are seeking for long term relationship with our clients and the expertise we demonstrate allows you to keep your free mind. Select the specific order request depending on your needs or contact us directly for any special requests.

We are available!

Feel​ free to message us at any time, our work is our passion. Content production allows people to share their experiences, feelings and passions. We will always do our best to answer you as soon as possible with tailor-made solutions!

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