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Products & Services

Products & Services

Design your studio

System integration solutions.

Save your time & resources.

Start on the right basis.

Build your OB Van

Nextgen supplies the full range of Broadcasting solutions & Systems all over the world.

Imagine your set

Nextgen Consulting Team prides itself in  listening to its clients needs & recommending the perfect tools available in the market.

New & Used Equipment

Gear up for your next shooting.

Find the perfect opportunity.



Check the new products available, business opportunities, events and much more!

Partners & Suppliers

We supply the full range of products of all our suppliers.

Nextgen offers the latest broadcasting technologies released by the leading equipment manufacturers. Bring your production standards to the next generation by using the most performant tools available in the market. We supply from AV to professional video broadcast & cinematography advanced meeting rooms, from single operated camera studios to most complex multi camera operative complexes.


About us

About us


We are active in the broadcasting / cinematography industry for more than two decades and we have earned an excellent reputation for building complex projects such as broadcasting, transmission facilities & multipurpose studios for both indoors and outdoors productions such as Transmission Systems, MCR, Permanent studios, Outside broadcasting vehicles, Conference’s halls, House of worship...

Our flexibility enable us to address from low to high budgets.


We provide the best & most appropriate technology solutions for your budget and timescale, while maintaining quality and reliability.

Our equipment sales expertise gives you as a client access to volume and competitive price advantage. 


As a distributor of “State Of Art” broadcasting / cinematography equipment manufacturers we ensure that the right equipment is supplied at the right price.

Our objective is to provide-tailor made solutions to our customers for every budget.




Building the future

Building the future

As a global company Nextgen is leveraging relationships with manufactures and suppliers to deliver the best possible results for your project. Our experience delivering projects within the African region means we have the expertise to build our systems to suite the local environment.


We have the full support from major manufacturers in the area. We ensure smooth coordination with third parties and we build strong working relationships with your team and your suppliers to deliver the system efficiently. We pride ourselves on our personal service and flexibility, which enable us to tackle the small and large projects, nationally and internationally.

Nextgen provides systemized solutions for broadcast TV coverage of both live and pre-recorded events. Our staff has extensive knowledge and experience of the engineering and project management of large specialized systems.


Having an equipment sales division gives us access to volume and price advantages, which means we can be extremely competitive when sourcing equipment.

We have extensive experience and the in-house expertise required to deliver an outstanding solution to meet your brief. We ensure that the system is scalable and has longevity, in order to secure your investment on a long term period.

Careful consideration is given to choosing equipment whilst ensuring suitability, reliability and quality. Operational ease, flexibility and affordability are also considered in the proposed solutions.


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